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About Varied / Student Member Redbolt (aka Ana)25/Female/United States Groups :iconanasjourneyfc: anasjourneyfc
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Loom Band Bracelets
Loom band Bracelets and Rings.. by liongirl2289
Loom band Bracelets and Rings another view by liongirl2289
Hni 0006 by liongirl2289
Hni 0002 by liongirl2289
Hni 0004 by liongirl2289
Colors available: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Pink, Orange.

Color(s) : 
Pattern: (simple, starburst, flatfish, hexafish)
Img 20140829 163710 by liongirl2289
Img 20140830 195249 by liongirl2289
Img 20140829 163442 by liongirl2289
Beautiful Keychains to own. Have them on your backpacks, wrists, necklace, etc... You can even give them to your friends as gifts!! These are prefect for school backpacks, bracelets, gifts for friends, for any occasions.

Form you need to fill out when you commission me:

Type of pattern: (Box, Spiral, Staircase, Cobra, Tornado, mix (Ex. box and spiral))
Skyblue, White, Green,Turquiose, Lily,Pink,Red,Clear,Glitter Red,Glitter Clear,Red/white/blue (all in one),Blue/Green (all in one),Blue/white (all in one)


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Full Name: Dallas "Dale" Sawyer

Nickname(s)/Alias: Dale

Gender: Male 

Age: 30

Species/Race: Human

Theme Song(s)(Optional): 

Hair: Black color and gelled back.

Eyes: Brown

- Brown Dress shirt
- Brown Belt Jacket.
- Brown Utility Belt
- Black pocket style long pants
- Black Cowboy hat.

Notable Facial/ Features/Make-up?: Wears a face mask when he meets someone.

Notable Features on/of Body: Scars on arms, legs and back from a wolf attack.

Overall Health: Tall and Excellent

Positive Personality Trait(s): Quiet, Sneaky

Negative Personality Trait(s): Mean

Fear(s): None

Habit(s)/Quirk(s): Like to pay others like Sam Ash to hunt Wolves and especially Randall's pet Hunter.

Insane, Sane, Descending into Insanity, or Becoming Sane?: Nope

Goal(s)/Motivation(s): Keep getting payback from Randall.

Quote(s) (Optional): "Its payback time for Randall."

~Favorite . . . ~
Flower: Rose

Food: Fried Chicken

Place: All of Texas

Color: Brown and Red (more brown)

Activities: None


~Least Favorite . . . ~
Flower: none

Food: Mash Potatoes

Place: none

Color: Blue..

Activities: none

Others: none

Birthdate/Place: Nov. 8th/ Texas

Family (Includes spouse, children, parents, siblings, or any other notable family 
member): Coming soon..

Friend(s)/Allies: Sam Ash Moldune

Enemies/Rivals: James "Ranger" Molunde, Randall Moldune and Hunter

Romantic Interest(s)/Crush (es): None

Ethnicity: White/Hispanic mix.

Overall History: Was attacked by wolves at the age of 10 and his parents killed by them. Since then he hated wolves, but when he found out about his enemy.. All hell broke lose as he wants to get that wolf more than ever.

~Fighting Information~
Ability (ies)/Superpower(s): Very Agile and quiick

Weapon(s)/Gear: Revovler (2 of them), Rope..

Fighting Style: None

Strength(s): None

Weakness (es): None

Skill(s): Good shooter

Partner(s): None

Apartment, House, Condo, etc.?: Small Ranch style home

Location: Texas

Messy, clean, getting messy, or getting cleaner?: Messy

Do they like living here?: Yes

Can they afford to live here?: Yes

Pet(s): None

Occupation(s): Employer for anyone wants money..

Do they like their job(s)?: Yes

Way(s) of transportation: By Horse

~Extra Character Information~
- His image: Needs name by liongirl2289
Dalla 'Dale' Sawyer
Let me introduce to you Randall Moldune's rival..

Everything (c) :iconliongirl2289:
Image (c) Anime Character Maker 2.2
Icespirit in werewolf form by liongirl2289
Icespirit in werewolf form
Here is my oc Icespirit in werewolf form.

Everything (c) :iconliongirl2289:
Base (c) <da:thumb id="109599351">
Ninjadash was busy setting up a xmas tree with his father Prowl. A lot of bots get confused between the two because they look exactly alike except Ninjadash has a birth mark of a star on his door wing and a bit of Jazz's colors on his helm. Lately Prowl has been a bit overprotective of his first son since that day when he found out about Clawhealer's daughter and Ninjadash being together. Prowl does allow Ninjadash to be with other bots his age for example Bluecrest, or Whitehealer. So while Prowl and NInjadash are together, Prowl tries his best to make sure that his son stays near him and within sight range. Tunefusion on the other hand was taking his nap along with his siblings and Jazz while Prowl and NInjadash sets up the tree.
Early Christmas Rp
Ninjadash made this rp not me... he made it and told me to post it.. So don't blame me..

Everything (c) :iconliongirl2289:
Prowl and Jazz (c) Hasbro
Ninjadash and Sweetaquawave Kissing.. by liongirl2289
Ninjadash and Sweetaquawave Kissing..
UH OH!! Someone is going to get in trouble with his/her family...

Ninjadash is kissing Sweetaquawave.

Ninjadash is son of Prowl
Sweetaquawave is daughter of Clawhealer

Everything (c) :iconliongirl2289:
game (c)…



liongirl2289's Profile Picture
Redbolt (aka Ana)
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
:star: All Chatrooms are open from 5pmEST till 2am EST
Chat room for Chill with Liongirl (aka Ana):…
Chat Room for Rping:… or…

Designation: Redbolt
Nickname: Red, Reddy, Bolty or anything you like.
Age: 24 (in human years)
Gender: Mech (Male)
Alt Mode: 75% Tech and 25% Organic lion
Fraction: Decepticons (Some roleplays he is an Autobot: Redbolt in two different teams (or 3) by liongirl2289 )
Primary Class Function: Front-liner

His brother: Boltfang (an Autobot)
His evil abandon father: Grayscar (Decepticon)
His Abandon Mother: Skylove (Autobot)

Friends: Wants to make lots of friends if possible
-Silverheart (owned by silverheart101)
-Sapphirius (owned by Phuong-Linh )
-Angel (owned by TFG1001 )

Enemies: Wants to make a few enemies if possible
- His Brother Boltfang

More about him: Redbolt Ref by liongirl2289
About the Creator:

Name: Ana (but like to be called wolfgirl or liongirl)
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Favorite Rps: Transformer, Wolves, Humans, Pokemon (still working on pokemon.)
Mine personal:
(work with Phuong-Linh )

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