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Loom Band Bracelets
Loom band Bracelets and Rings.. by liongirl2289
Loom band Bracelets and Rings another view by liongirl2289
Hni 0006 by liongirl2289
Hni 0002 by liongirl2289
Hni 0004 by liongirl2289
Colors available: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Pink, Orange.

Color(s) : 
Pattern: (simple, starburst, flatfish, hexafish)
Img 20140829 163710 by liongirl2289
Img 20140830 195249 by liongirl2289
Img 20140829 163442 by liongirl2289
Beautiful Keychains to own. Have them on your backpacks, wrists, necklace, etc... You can even give them to your friends as gifts!! These are prefect for school backpacks, bracelets, gifts for friends, for any occasions.

Form you need to fill out when you commission me:

Type of pattern: (Box, Spiral, Staircase, Cobra, Tornado, mix (Ex. box and spiral))
Skyblue, White, Green,Turquiose, Lily,Pink,Red,Clear,Glitter Red,Glitter Clear,Red/white/blue (all in one),Blue/Green (all in one),Blue/white (all in one)


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Icespirit refused to be caged. by liongirl2289
Icespirit refused to be caged.
Part 1: Icespirit injured, captured and caged.
Part 2: Icespirit waking up
Part 3: You are here

Icespirit (c) :iconliongirl2289:
Base (c) Refuse to Be Caged Base
Colored with deviantART muro

After waking up, Icespirit was kicked several times as his body was aching when he got to his feet. He attacked the cage bars wanting to get out as his ice breath forms.
Icespirit waking up by liongirl2289
Icespirit waking up
Part 1: Icespirit injured, captured and caged.
Part 2: You are here.
Part 3: Icespirit refused to be caged.

Icespirit (c) :iconliongirl2289:
Base (c) Kiba in a cage base
Colored with deviantART muro

After a few hours, Icespirit wakes up. 'still in the cage' he thought to himself as he tries to get up.
Icespirit injured, captured and caged. by liongirl2289
Icespirit injured, captured and caged.
Part 1: you are here
Part 2: Icespirit waking up 

Icespirit (c) :iconliongirl2289:
base (c) Wolfs Rain base 40
Colored with deviantART muro

Icespirit was captured and caged up but he was also injured by a human male who hates him.
Thrifter went to his hideout and getting a couple of things to capture his little brother so he can beat him up again. Thrifter already caused blindness to little Drumbeat who is three years younger then brother Thrifter.

Soon Thrifter was getting things at his hideout that no one knows about cause it contains things he told from different mechs and femmes's homes. He keeps thinking about some femmes that were nice to him and he felt like home there, but he always likes to be active by stealing things. His little brother Drumbeat on the other hand is out exploring.
Trouble time rp
Everything (c) :iconliongirl2289:

RP is open..
I will be uploading all of my story/book summaries and also uploading story ideas that I will be working on.

Book Summaries that are on books:

  • Ana's Journey Book 1: The Journey Begins - This is a story of a wolf called Ana and the beginning of her journey. A young wolf Ana loses everything when her family dies, and now with the help of a special friend must find a way to survive the world.
  • Ana's Journey Book 2: New Pack and Friends - After the tragic loss of her pack, young wolf Ana is thrust into a journey like ever before. She finds both friends and enemies along the way in a land where adventure waits behind every corner. Join Ana and her friend's in their travels in Ana's Journey.
  • Fright Night: A Tale of Horror - One family visits old friends, discovered their friends are different. There were probably or possibly a murder happening or happened in the house because there are ghosts talking, blood and other things. A detective comes in to investigate and founds out the friends are real Vampires and Werewolves that killed some people who visits them which the family doesn't know about it.
Story Summaries that I might or might not make stories of.

  • This is a story about a cybernetic wolf who escaped. It takes place in a war-scarred planet. It begins with an escape, climaxes with someone accepting the wolf. The threat of terrorism and destruction plays a major part in the story.
  • This story is about a maniac hunter. It takes place in a world where only animals live. It begins on a star ship the hunter stole. Threat of extinction plays a major part in this story.
  • This is a pure action story. The story is about a cyberneticist who is in debt to a starship security agent. It starts in a galaxy-spanning confederation. The issues of faster-than-light-travel and its effects on society is a major element of the story.
  • The story is about a police chief and a wolf lover. It starts in a world of where wolves live The crux of the story involves someone getting bitten by a mean wolf.
Story Ideas that I might or might now make stories of.

  • Theme: Quest; Major Event: Dream
  • Theme: Serious Mystery; Characters: Bandit, Theif and a violent student; Start/end of story: betrayal and theft.

to me its a sad thanksgiving, because of several things...

Redbolt: Happy THanksgiving my friends and family.
Ninjadash: Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from my family to my friends.
Tunefusion: *holding the waving Silversong* 'appy Thanksgiving family, friends and everyone.
Bluecrest: Happy Thanksgiving my one true love Boombeat.(owner of boombeat: :iconwarrior2lover38:)


liongirl2289's Profile Picture
Redbolt (aka Ana)
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
:star: All Chatrooms are open from 5pmEST till 2am EST
Chat room for Chill with Liongirl (aka Ana):…
Chat Room for Rping:… or…

Designation: Redbolt
Nickname: Red, Reddy, Bolty or anything you like.
Age: 24 (in human years)
Gender: Mech (Male)
Alt Mode: 75% Tech and 25% Organic lion
Fraction: Decepticons (Some roleplays he is an Autobot: Redbolt in two different teams (or 3) by liongirl2289 )
Primary Class Function: Front-liner

His brother: Boltfang (an Autobot)
His evil abandon father: Grayscar (Decepticon)
His Abandon Mother: Skylove (Autobot)

Friends: Wants to make lots of friends if possible
-Silverheart (owned by silverheart101)
-Sapphirius (owned by Duongngoclinh )
-Angel (owned by TFG1001 )

Enemies: Wants to make a few enemies if possible
- His Brother Boltfang

More about him: Redbolt Ref by liongirl2289
About the Creator:

Name: Ana (but like to be called wolfgirl or liongirl)
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Favorite Rps: Transformer, Wolves, Humans, Pokemon (still working on pokemon.)
Mine personal:
(work with Duongngoclinh )

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